Abrahamic Lecture Series (Postponed to a later date.)

Faith and Community:  How Can Interfaith Dialogue Build Bridges Between the Individual and the Collective?

This event is in collaboration with the Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Toronto (CJDT)

A moderated discussion on issues of concern for faith communities and their members, featuring speakers of the three Abrahamic traditions
The Msgr. John Mary Fraser Centre for Practical Theology, in collaboration with the Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Toronto, presents the third annual Abrahamic Talks Series. This event is an opportunity for members of various religious traditions, as well as other members of the local community, to dialogue around the ways in which faith communities can respond to pressing issues. Topics such as social and environmental justice, truth and reconciliation, and multiculturalism will be central to our conversations. 
Through a moderated discussion amongst a group of community leaders, academics, and practitioners from different faith backgrounds, the series aims to facilitate and promote further cooperation between members of diverse religious communities.
In this edition of the Abrahamic Series, we will explore the rapidly changing interaction between individuals and their communities in a secularized world. The series will create a space for deep dialogue about the tools that inter-religious initiatives can offer to the complex, multi-layered challenges that continue to arise globally as radically diverse individuals encounter each other in today's multicultural communities.