Director of the Msgr. John Mary Fraser Center for Practical Theology

Current Director, Dr. John Dadosky

John Dadosky, Ph.D., S.T.D. is professor of theology and philosophy at Regis College/University of Toronto since July 2001. He is author of The Structure of Religious Knowing (SUNY Press, 2004), The Eclipse and Recovery of Beauty (University of Toronto Press, 2014), co-editor of four volumes of the Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan, including Method in Theology (2017) and the final archival volume (2019). In 2018, he published Image to Insight: The Art of William Hart McNichols, which won the 2019 Arizona-New Mexico Book Award in Art. He has published numerous articles on Lonergan, bringing his thought into engagement with ecclesiology, Vatican II, and dialogue with Buddhism.

He is currently the treasurer on the board of the Catholic Theological Society of America and the American Theological Society. He is a Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve in Toronto where he serves as a lay Catholic chaplain.

Select Publications:

• “Enlightened Ecclesia: Engaging De Lubac on Buddhism,” Journal of Ecumenical
Studies 57/3 (Summer 2022): 432-53.
• Co-authored by Christian Krokus, “What are Comparative Theologians doing when
they are doing Comparative Theology?: A Lonerganian Perspective with Examples from the Engagement with Islam.
” Studies in Interreligious Dialogue, accepted for publication 32/1 (2022): 67-93.
• “Reaching up to the Mind of Lonergan: The Achievement of Robert M. Doran, SJ,” Theological Studies 83/2 (June 2022): 293–316.
• “God is Inter-religious: Honouring the Legacy of Ovey Mohammed, SJ,” Toronto
Journal of Theology, 38/1 (April 2022): 101-112.
• “Family and Friendship: The Implicit Ecclesiologies ad extra in Pope Francis’ Fratelli Tutti and the legacy of Vatican II’s Dual Theologies of Church,” Gregorianum (June 2022); 103, 3 (2022): 519-537.
• “Searching For Wisdom: Towards a Systematic Integration of Sophiology into
” Philosophy and Theology, 1&2 (2020): 3-25.
• “Mediation, Culture and Religion: Approaching Lonergan’s Method in Theology,” The Lonergan Review (Seton Hall University), 11/1 (2020): 53 – 75.
• “Further Along the Fourth Stage of Meaning: Lonergan, Alterity and Genuine Religion, Irish Theological Quarterly, 85/1 (February 2020): 64-79.
•  “Breton and Lonergan on the Mystical Participation in the Passion of Christ,” Gregorianum 100/2 (June 2019), 321-341.
•  “The Original Green Campaign: Dr. Hildegard of Bingen’s Viriditas as Complement to Laudato Si,” Toronto Journal of Theology 34/1 (2018): 79-95.
• “Healing and Transformation: Lonergan, Girard and Buddhism,” New Blackfriars 100/1085 (January, 2019): 55-80.
• “ ‘God’s Eternal Yes!’: An Exposition and Development of Lonergan’s Psychological Analogy of the Trinity”, Irish Theological Quarterly 81/4 (November, 2016): 397–419.
• “The Transformation of Suffering in Paul of the Cross, Lonergan, and Buddhism.” New Blackfriars 96/1065 (September, 2015):542-563.
• “Has Vatican II been Hermeneutered?: Recovering and Developing its Theological Achievements following Rahner and Lonergan,” Irish Theological Quarterly 79/4 (November, 2014), 327-49.
• “Methodological Presuppositions for Engaging the Other in a Post-Vatican II Church: Contributions from Ignatius and Lonergan.” Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue (March, 2010): 9-24.
• “Merton as Method for Inter-Religious Engagement: Examples from Buddhism.” The Merton Annual, 21 (2009): 33-43.
• “Merton’s Dialogue with Zen: Pioneering or Passé?” Fu Jen International Religious Studies, Vol. 2 No. 1 (N. Summer 2008): 53-75.
• “Sacralization, Secularization, and Religious Fundamentalism.” Studies in Religious/Sciences Religieuses, 36.3-4 (Fall, 2007): 513-529.
• “The Church and the Other: Mediation and Friendship in Post-Vatican II Roman Catholic Ecclesiology.” Pacifica: Australian Journal of Theology, (October, 2005): 302-322.
• “Healing the Psychological Subject: Towards a Fourfold Notion of Conversion?” Theoforum, 35/1 (2004): 73-91.
• “Walking in the Beauty of the Spirit: A Phenomenological and Theological Case Study of a Navajo Blessingway Ceremony.” Mission: Journal of Mission
• “Three Diné Women on the Navajo Approach to Dreams.” Anthropology of Consciousness (March 1999): 16-27.

Select Presentations:

• “What are Comparative Theologians Doing when they are Doing Comparative Theology”? Third Annual Conference for Collaborative Philosophy, Theology and Ministry, Christ the King Seminary, Buffalo, NY, February 29, 2020.
• “Lonergan’s Universal Notion of Genuine Religion,” Parliament of World’s Religions, Toronto Metro Convention Centre, November 4, 2018.
• “Method in Comparative Theology: Some Insights from Lonergan”, University of Toronto, Ecclesiological Investigations/Dominican Institute of Toronto, June 27th, 2018
• “Systematic Theology in Support of an Integral Ecology: Resourcing Hildegard of Bingen”, College Theology Society, St. Catherine’s University, St. Paul, MN, June 2, 2018.
• “Salvation and Nirvana: Lonergan, Girard and Buddhism,” Ecclesiological Investigations International Conference, Chinese University of Hong Kong, July 22, 2016.
• Panelist, Karen Armstrong’s Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence, Colloquium on Violence and Religion (Girard), Annual Meeting of the AAR, Atlanta, November 22, 2015.
• “World Christianity in a Fourth Stage of Meaning: The Example of Simon Kimbangu” 1st Conference on World Christianity: Focus on Africa, Marquette University, October 3, 2015.
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