Golden Rule Curriculum

Golden Rule Curriculum # 1 – A Rule Made of Gold

Using the logic of circles, rules, moral modeling and the Golden Rule, this curriculum inspires young people to become global citizens. The students’ learning experience is enriched through drama, art, music, group reflection, journaling and rap. The curriculum can be used in public schools, religious schools and youth organizations.

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Golden Rule Curriculum # 2 – A Basis for Morality and Ethics

This curriculum supports and challenges young people to appreciate ethical living through the application of the Golden Rule. The curriculum contains a history of the Golden Rule and a listing of Golden Rule expressions from the world’s many cultures. Students will be challenged by this curriculum’s many projects and activities including an exercise in applying the Golden Rule in difficult situations.

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Golden Rule Curriculum #3 – Arizona Golden Rule Educational Experiences (AGREE)

The AGREE curriculum contains a “Gold Standard” for interacting with others, while addressing high academic standards for all grade levels in Arizona schools (USA). Particularly in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics with opportunities for the arts and the development of critical thinking skills.

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Golden Rule
Curriculum #4

These two curricula, Living the Golden Rule and Understanding the Golden Rule, are part of the Applied Wisdom section of Wikiversity. These curricula provide individuals with a useful resource for self-study. They also contain lots of ideas and exercises for teachers in schools, youth groups, universities and adult education programs. In addition, these resources address apparent contradictions and criticisms of the Golden Rule. Although some sections of these curricula are marked as needing more editing, and a few sections are not yet complete, one can rely on the quality of this material, because this course was developed in cooperation with Professor Harry Gensler, a noted American expert on the Golden Rule.

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Golden Rule Art Exercise & Lesson Plan

What would the world be like if every person lived according to the Golden Rule?

In this art exercise, young people are invited to envision a world in which every person lives according to the Golden Rule. Next, they are asked to depict what they have imagined or envisioned by creating a piece of art. We at Scarboro Missions have found this exercise to be very helpful in supporting young people to imagine and create a world characterized by cooperation, social justice, non-violence and a sustainable environment.

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Golden Rule Interactive Flash Presentation

The music and visual effects of this interactive presentation make it very useful for both students and teachers of world religions. Each slide of the 13 religions contains a brief overview of the featured religion as well as a Golden Rule statement and prayer from that tradition. Creative teachers will find lots of effective ways to use this presentation.

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Rotating Golden Rule Texts in 13 Religions (Slide Series)

This slide series program is an excellent educational resource for youth and adult audiences and can be used in classrooms, workshops, retreats and prayer/meditation experiences. Ideal for projecting on a wall screen before or during an educational event. As each of 13 Golden Rule texts rotates before the eyes of the viewers, the audience is provided with a reflective, informative and meditative experience. Facilitator may wish to choose some music to accompany the slides. The slides rotate by themselves and you can set your own rotation speed (3-15 sec).

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Golden Rule Videos
Featuring Youth

This collection of short videos shows how young people understand and practice the Golden Rule in creative ways.

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Golden Rule Art Contest

In 2006, Scarboro Missions sponsored a Golden Rule Art Contest for young people that attracted submissions from around the world. Youth were invited to create a piece of art that depicts their vision of what the world would be like if every person lived according to the Golden Rule.

If you are interested in sponsoring a similar contest, click here to view some contest instructions.

Some submissions to the 2006 Art Contest can be viewed by scrolling Golden Rule Art Exercise & Lesson Plan.

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Golden Rule Stories
for Educators

This rich collection of golden rule stories and anecdotes is an excellent resource for teachers and educators. These stories enable educators to inspire, challenge and inform their students on an ethical level. The editor, Dr. Harry Gensler S.J., also explains the logic of the stories. This compilation provides links to helpful references for both students and teachers.

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A Chronological History of the Golden Rule

This chronology is authored by Dr. Harry Gensler S.J., one of the top Golden Rule scholars in the world. This 30-page document chronicles the history of the Golden Rule from ancient to modern times. Essentially, the paper charts the ethical history of humanity through the lens of the Golden Rule. This chronological history is an ideal teaching tool with the capacity to reach a multitude of diverse audiences. It also has interfaith content.

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