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Interfaith Dialogue

The great faiths of the world are now talking to one another in a fashion that is new, challenging and exciting. Learn more about interfaith dialogue at Regis College's Msgr. John Mary Fraser Centre for Practical Theology.
There are no upcoming events at this time.

About us

The Msgr. John Mary Fraser Centre for Practical Theology is an effort to strengthen Regis College’s ongoing reflection on the practical relevance of the academic study of theology. Through our activities, faculty, students, academic and community partners, and the wider public will have opportunities to enter into deep dialogue about the impact of faith in society today.

Scarboro Missions Chair

Dr. Michael Stoeber

Dr. Stoeber has contributed to interreligious dialogue especially through his lectures and publications in the areas of comparative spirituality, practical theology, and religious pluralism, as well as through inter-religious art exhibits he has co-organized and to which he has contributed.

Golden Rule

The Golden Rule, known also as the Ethic of Reciprocity, is arguably the most consistent, most prevalent and most universal ethical principle in history. Many regard it as the most concise and general principle of ethics.

Our Partners


United Religions
Initiative (URI)

Upcoming projects in partnership with URI
include shared webinars on the significance of youth engagement in inter-religious dialogue, as well as exchange opportunities for Regis College students.


Canadian Interfaith Conversation (CIC)

This collaboration seeks to accurately identify, document and investigate the ways in which communities across Canada respond to challenges in inter-religious and cross-cultural dialogue. In April 2019, the Fraser Centre and CIRCLE will offer a capacity-building event for researchers.


Christian-Jewish Dialogue
of Toronto (CJDT)

Through this collaboration we are offering the “Abrahamic Lecture Series,” a program designed to explore the scriptural import of social justice mobilization within the Abrahamic faith traditions.


Educational Resources

Interfaith studies for schools, religious organizations, and personal growth.

Through its activities, the Fraser Centre aims to facilitate research projects, scholarly and popular publications, public lectures, and community-based workshops that enrich the public discourse on the impact of faith in society. In responding to this goal, we work in collaboration with the Canadian Interfaith Conversation in their "Canadian Interfaith Research Centre for Learning and Engagement" (CIRCLE), an organization geared to promote and lead research on interfaith initiatives across Canada.

Here you can access a comprehensive compilation of curriculum resources for inter-religious dialogue and cooperation from across the globe. These resources have been curated and categorized according to pedagogical objectives. learning outcomes, and age groups. In addition, each of the entries will give you access to organizations, projects, and initiatives interested in raising interfaith literacy, most of them pioneers in inter-religious dialogue in their contexts.

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This collection of resources chronicles the Catholic Church’s journey of dialogue with other religions, a journey that began with the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s. Featured here are interfaith stories, theological reflections, and official Vatican documents. Also included are photos and articles detailing the interfaith journey of Scarboro Missions.

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“Together—in respectful relationship with people of other religions
and those with no faith commitment—is the only way we will effectively tackle the
tremendous social problems we have in our world.”

- Dr. Michael Stoeber, Scarboro Missions Chair in Inter-religious Dialogue



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