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UNESCO Intercultural and Interfaith Program for Ethics Education (for schools and youth groups)

This 247-page curriculum aims to strengthen children’s commitment to justice, respect for human rights, and the promotion of harmonious relationships between individuals and within societies. The manual includes introductions to interfaith and ethics; an imaginative, engaging multicultural curriculum; a teacher’s guide; and a library of resources about ethical issues, many of which are written by children from around the world. More than to simply educate, the program seeks to empower children in ways that allow them to improve the environments in which they live and to start their own projects. This curriculum has been tested in 30 countries and is available in 10 languages.

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Unitarian Universalist curriculum for high school students

This curriculum was developed for teenage members of Unitarian Universalism in the USA but is useful for other youth and school constituencies. The many workshop outlines aim to develop youth as interfaith leaders by exploring values related to community service and religious pluralism. Emphasis is placed on storytelling, journaling and interfaith service.

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Learning dialogue in the classroom

This comprehensive and tested resource enables teachers to bring the concept and practice of dialogue into the classroom. Used by thousands of teachers and students around the world, The Essentials of Dialogue features numerous activities as well as theme sections focusing on active listening, case studies, Internet use, blogging and video-conferencing.

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Friends in Faith: An Interfaith School Guide

Through simple, engaging, classroom activities, this guide enables teachers, students, religious leaders and community members of the Abrahamic faiths to explore the many religious and cultural traditions that are part of the shared human experience. Titles of some lesson plans: “Stereotype Skits”, “Scripture Passages about Peace”, “Sacred Objects”, “Holiday Memory Guide.”

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Curriculum for pioneering spiritual activism among youth (Children of the Earth)

The tools in this resource enable young people to become insightful and compassionate individuals, committed to guiding our planet towards peace, healing, justice, and sustainability. This toolkit formulates and develops a new leadership model which integrates spirituality and social justice in the construction of more inclusive communities.

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Safe and Caring Schools for Students of All Faiths (Teachers’ Guide)

Produced in Alberta, Canada, this booklet offers teachers: 1) suggestions to help students appreciate, understand and empathize with others; 2) strategies to deal with conflicts and issues arising from religious diversity and 3) activities to promote peace, harmony and non-violence.

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Teaching curiosity and respect for religious differences (for schools and youth groups)

The Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding in New York City, USA features training programs and education resources that promote religious diversity in schools. Titles of some programs: “Religions in My Neighborhood”, “Religious Diversity in the Classroom”, “World Olympics for All.”

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Kids4Peace – curriculum for an intercontinental youth camp

Kids4Peace (International) is an interfaith peace education organization dedicated to encouraging children of various cultures and faith traditions to explore their differences and similarities, and to learn understanding, tolerance and respect, while fostering sustainable friendships across the lines of conflict. On a number of occasions in recent years, Kids4Peace (Canada) has brought four Jewish, four Muslim, and four Christian eleven year-old children from the Galilee region of Israel to a two-week summer camp experience in Ontario, Canada.

The purpose is to create new friendships and to help build the human foundations for peace in their troubled region. In the camp, they are joined by a corresponding number of Canadian children from the three faiths. All participants – staff, families and children – share a commitment to peace. Featured here is the daily schedule of a 10-day Kids4Peace camp held in Ontario in 2012.

Online toolkit for youth-led interfaith service-learning

This toolkit provides practical steps, tools and the rationale needed to engage in youth-led interfaith service-learning. The kit draws upon the stories, examples, tools and lessons learned from a federally-supported pilot project (USA) – Inspired to Serve: Youth-Led Interfaith Action.

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How to organize houses of worship visits for young people

The Religious Diversity Journeys program in Detroit, USA enables seventh-grade students (age 13) to visit houses of worship of numerous faith traditions. This webpage features video, program materials and testimonies from students and parents.

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Dealing with difference in Australia: resources for teachers, students and others

With the aim of building Australian students’ intercultural understanding, Difference Differently supports the objectives of the Australian school curriculum. Students, teachers and others can explore the challenges and opportunities created by diversity through the use of video, audio, images, quizzes and interactive learning activities.

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Walking the walk – youth curriculum

The Walking the Walk youth initiative is a nationally-recognized initiative in the USA that provides teenagers with the experiences, skills, and resources to live in a diverse world, to broaden their own identities, and to break through walls that divide them from people of other religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

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Tools, guidelines and other resources to address diversity, controversy and conflict (British context)

This resource enables teachers and their students to approach topics related to various religions and diverse ways of life. And to do it in a nuanced way, without shying away from difficult or controversial questions. This toolkit consists of a series of guidelines on how to talk about sensitive issues respectfully while encouraging people to ask questions and remain open and curious.

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The Compassion Games – Survival of the Kindest (for adults, schools and youth groups)

These cooperative games offer fun and creative ways to ignite and catalyze compassionate action in communities around the world. In these five annual Compassion Games, competition becomes coo-petition as individuals and teams challenge one another to strive together to make our planet a better place to live by way of community service, acts of kindness, and fund-raising for local causes.

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Interfaith Curriculum – Abrahamic faiths (for schools and youth groups)

This online resource – Interfaith Explorers – promotes harmony and understanding among the three Abrahamic Faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. A multitude of resources are available in four categories: teachers, students, webinars and community. Also featured are 400 videos and interviews

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Golden Rule Education Resources

This comprehensive listing of resources from around the world features school & youth group curricula, interactive resources, meditation exercises, videos, multilingual posters, art activities, do-it-yourself workshops, slide programs, discussion questions, Golden Rule websites, books, toolkits and best practices.

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