Fraser Centre Interreligious Visual Art Exhibit

Fraser Centre Interreligious Visual Art Exhibit:

“Neighbourhood Earth”

February 2—February 29, 2020

Exhibit Reception: Thursday, February 13, 2020, 8:30pm-9:30 pm. (Please RSVP through the Regis Website.)

The art exhibit asks: What is a neighbour?  Who is my neighbour?  What is a neighbourhood?  What are the borders of our neighbourhoods?  Who defines them?  Who is inside, who is outside?  How do personal or political relations become “neighbourly”?  Who is overseeing our neighbourhood watch?  Who determines the scales of our neighbourhoods—local, regional, national, cultural, religious, spiritual, ecological?  Is not a central tragedy of our times the perception of our differences as disproportionately more important than our similarities?

Participating artists:  Linda Chen, Blake Debassige, Heather Gentleman, Hayyan Helal, David Holt, Tai Kim, Emmaus O’Herlihy O.S.B., Aparna Rangnekar, Michael Stoeber.

Co-curated with Katharine Lochnan, the exhibit is in conjunction with the 2020 Scarboro Missions Lecture in Interreligious Dialogue by Dr. Mary Jo Leddy: “Faith in the Commons: Becoming Neighbours includes the Personal and the Political,” Thursday, February 13, 7:00 pm. The 8:30 pm reception following the 2020 Lecture will also include the reception for the Fraser Centre Interreligious Visual Art Exhibit.